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Albuquerque Lexan Signs


Do you prefer the elegance and sophistication of glass but disapprove of its fragility and brittleness? We have the perfect option for you!

complete signage collectionLexan, a material made from polycarbonate resin, is renowned for its extraordinary strength and impact resistance. This material is a popular replacement for glass and plexiglass, and it’s more resilient than the other two.

Versatile enough to be used for indoor and outdoor applications, the Lexan material is manufactured into directional signs, POP (point of purchase) signs, channel letters, light boxes, promotional signage, building signs, backlit signs, and a lot more.

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Albuquerque Top-Quality Lexan Signs

Due to its durability and other features similar to glass, Lexan is also widely used for industrial purposes. Lexan material is so strong that it is used to bulletproof windows and armored vehicles. Now, you might be thinking that it must be expensive to be that resilient. The answer is not at all. In fact, Lexan is more cost-efficient than metal.

Attractive Storefront Sign

At an affordable cost, you can get the luxury Lexan signs that have multiple benefits.

Since it is a plastic material, Lexan is impervious to solvents, water, and other liquids. It comes in a broad array of textured or clear surface types. Its stability, clarity, and weather resistance make it an excellent choice for road signs, interior displays, or outdoor promotional signs.

Another feature of Lexan signs is their outstanding ink adhesion. For labels and decals, we, your Albuquerque, NM sign company, guarantee that our excellent skills, services, and equipment, combined together, enable us to produce the bespoke Lexan signs especially tailored to your needs and preferences.

We aim to deliver your message with clarity, conviction, and persuasion through our well-fabricated Lexan signs. Discuss your plan and objectives with us, and we will work on your Lexan signs with speed and accuracy!

The Best Lexan Lighted Signs

Full-Service Sign CompanyAlbuquerque Sign Company provides premier Lexan lighted signs in Albuquerque. Our team of designers, engineers, and expert installers work on giving our clients the best signage for their personal, commercial, or industrial uses.

For Establishing a Business Brand

Lighted signs or illuminated signs are nice exterior tools that establish a business brand at a certain location. If you’re planning to get signage for your local store, Lexan lighted signs are an exceptional marketing solution. They quickly catch someone’s attention, drawing a potential consumer’s eyes to your brand message.

Through a Lexan sign, you can effortlessly tell everyone in Albuquerque that your business exists. This attractive, compelling, and durable sign invites prospective buyers or clients into your store.

For Industrial Applications

Lexan signs are also ideal for industrial applications as they are resistant to any strong impact. They’re almost unbreakable! Compared to acrylic and plexiglass, Lexan’s impact strength is much greater—up to 50 times.

For High Visibility and Customization

Because the material is made from polycarbonate sheets, you can expect that it can transmit light extremely well. Lexan lighted signs have a balanced level of illumination and optical radiance that can make signage more appealing and captivating. Since we aim for high visibility, with the best Lexan lighted signs, we can attain that goal!

Lexan is a material that can be cut in various ways; that’s why Lexan signs are available in an extensive range of sizes, as well as surface types. It’s highly customizable! Whether you need an oversized exterior Lexan sign or regular-sized backlit channel letters, you can have it—as little or as big as you want.

Your Albuquerque Full-Service Sign Company

Simply One StopApart from Lexan signs, we offer plenty of other types of signage, both exterior and interior. Once you partner with us, we become responsible for ensuring that you get the best quality of our sign products and services. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll take over the rest!

From consultation to the installation of Lexan signs, we are here to help you reach your goals through the products and services we offer. Albuquerque Sign Company, your Albuquerque full-service sign company, sees to it that all the output and performance are accurately tailored to your needs, desires, and goals. Don’t miss your free consultation with our sign experts! Give us a call now.

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